Hossan's Accomplishments

Hossan first rose to prominence following his appearances in major stage productions like Off Centre and Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress. But it was his knack for comedy that won the hearts of the public, showcased through such notable engagements as hosting the Channel 5 gameshow We are Singaporeans. His fluency in French has also led him to international fame, as his work on such shows as A Singaporean in Paris and No Regrets: A Tribute to Edith Piaf have enabled him to play an instrumental role in bridging cultural relations between Singapore and France. In 2014, he hosted Singapore’s 49th National Day Parade, in front of 27,000 people and ‘live’ on television to an audience of 2 million.

Today, Hossan continues to delight audiences, whether starring in his yearly stage production The Hossan Leong Show, or through his extensive creative involvement with local theatre productions. Given his talents and achievements, it’s no wonder that he is perfectly positioned to lead a highly sought-after team in hosting corporate events and dinners.

Paul's Accomplishments