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Double Confirm Arts & Media Sdn Bhd offers your company the opportunity to learn a new skill during the day while entertaining you at night. A growing number of companies (Manitou Asia, Pierre Fabre) have engaged us to deliver quality corporate training programmes during staff retreats while asking us to also provide world class entertainment over dinner that same day. Contact us before planning your next staff enrichment program.

For the corporate sector we deliver presentation skills workshops & media interview skills coaching by Paul. Paul knows how the media works from the inside and offers his clients tested formulas and strategies that are based on his extensive experience as both a public and commercial broadcaster.

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"In less than half a day training with Paul, I came out with the tools to handle a media interview and more importantly, the confidence. I certainly look forward to get further coaching."
Krishna Chetti
CEO, BNP Paribas Malaysia
"The presentation skills course was very worthwhile and extremely useful. Highly recommended for anyone looking to learn how to pack that extra punch when presenting to an audience, or simply anyone looking for some self-improvement. Would give it 6 (or 7, or 8, or 10) stars if I could!"
Chloe Yap
The Johor Society for the Performing Arts
"Paul brings us self confidence which transforms press interviews into a pleasant journey."
Philippe Ditisheim
Head of Equities and Derivatives, South East Asia, BNP Paribas Singapore Branch
"Paul very quickly builds confidence through a structured media interaction approach and better understanding of expectation and what to."
Harmander Mahal
HEAD, Wealth & Consumer Assets HSBC Limited
"Great host! Hossan is one of a kind. Funny, generous and eloquent. We enjoyed his performance very much. Keep it up!"
Cheryl Tan
Hossan Leong sang, danced and told jokes for more than 45 minutes to an appreciative and howling with laughter audience who were trying their best not to fall off their chairs. His jokes albeit were about him – a Singapore boy – was a reflection of all of us at some point of our lives and thus the audience could relate. Hossan LIVE in JB was certainly a big treat for all of us.
Suzie Yap
Double Confirm’s comprehensive presentation skills workshop with Paul was an empowering transformation over a 2-half day intensive training session. Through skill specific exercises, audio & video recording, and review with immediate feedback, our group experienced rapid improvements and were able to achieve our set goals before the end of the program. The learning is comprehensible, the teaching is effective, and the newly acquired skills are practical. I strongly believe anyone can elevate their presentation and public speaking through this workshop.
Michael YK Cheng
CMO United Malayan Land Bhd
I find the course really practical and applicable to my day to day job! It has been an amazing learning experience as this was not any other typical training but a very customized coaching session I had with the trainer to work on my presentation skills. I had since been able to deliver my presentations more confidently. I find Paul a very resourceful, inspiring trainer and highly recommend this course to anyone that would like to improve their presentation/public speaking skills.
Esther Yap
Assistant Vice President of Strategic Marketing, Medini Iskandar Malaysia
It has been a wonderful experience attending the workshop with Paul. Paul has been very understanding and nurturing us with the presentation techniques professionally which well addressed to our needs.
Cheryl Lim
Managing Director, AME Development Sdn Bhd
In his role as Artistic Director, he was a consummate professional, taking ownership of the way he felt the concert should look and feel, in its message of respect and celebration. Without his artistic integrity and determination to do right by the artistes the True Colours Concert would not have come close to looking and feeling as fabulous as it did.
Audrey Perera
Festival Director, True Colours Festival 2018
Companies we have worked with
Iskandar Medini
Australian High Commision
The Johor Society for the Performing Arts

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